The C. E .O of Ample Music Entertainments


The fact about the C.E.O of the ample music entertainments .

Mr muhammed  was born in abidjan his father was born in (tripoli) he want to university of cocody abidjan after he graduated .

he was employed to one big company in ( louis – voitton ) paris for 3years and he normally travel to ( canada kansas ).

and he also spend up to 5years in ( lekki face 1 lagos nigeria  )

he really love Nigeria musics that is why he decided to create his own record label which is ( ample music ) is a new record label in africa most  especially Nigeria  which is created by ( Mr muhammed ).And he is looking for His first artist to sing so he decided to organize a free style challenge to choose out the best among the upcoming artist in africa.

He is a business man He as his own company in abidjan Where they produce plastic chair and other plastic things And he as up to 300workers.




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